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Mayor Bob Chiarelli and a constituent


Martin Braithwaite & Andisheh Hanbury serve as MCs today.


(permission granted for reproduction of image)

(permission granted for reproduction of image)

"Each year for the past decade, communities across Canada have marked the second week in November as Unity in Diversity Week, taking time to consider on the challenges and opportunities we face in our increasingly interconnected world.

Unity in Diversity Week provides an opportunity to pause and reflect on the need for cross-cultural tolerance and understanding, for a celebration of difference and for a reaffirmation of our common humanity. Here in Ottawa, there are several activities scheduled for this week on this theme, but today, we wish to turn to our musicians, for the language of music is both a symbol and a concrete expression of unity in diversity. Within a song, the different notes and beats form a cohesive whole, and it is their difference that allows harmony and rhythm to appear. And whether the music comes from a Chinese, Indian, Persian or European musical dialect, it is part of the same language of music."

Please join us in welcoming Tony Fan and the Success Lion Dance Troupe who will
begin our programme.


"For many years, the mayor of Ottawa has officially declared the second week of November to be Unity in Diversity Week. We are pleased to introduce Mayor Bob Chiarelli who will now read the official proclamation, inaugurating this year’s week of activities."

"Next we are very pleased to welcome Avninder Vij, who will sing a “Gurubani Shabad,” taken from the Sikh Holy Scriptures."

"Please welcome our next guests, Ardalan Mehrabi, Kamran Rahimian and Armin Rahmanian who will be playing traditional Persian music. Ardalan is playing a santoor, Kamran is playing a dombak and Armin is playing the tar."

"Tracey and Lisa Brook, both members of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, will now sing a song for us entitled “Ecoutes-moi”.


"The last performers today are the youngest, members of the Ottawa Bahá'í Youth Choir, who will be singing two songs about Unity in Diversity. They are part of a school that teaches moral education and spiritual virtues. They firmly believe in Baha'u'llah's counsel that 'The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens.' "


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