I present to you my third single. But before I go on, I'd like to give a shouts out to another Baha'i hip hop group who I had the pleasure of coming into contact with (shouts out to my homie Zina for introducing me to their talent). This group is called Bahai'matic, and they have released at least one mixtape CD known as the 'Fort Tabarsi Mixtape Vol. I'. When I heard their single "Bahá'u'lláh Prevails", I very nearly fell off my chair. It blew me away!! Their lyrics, their poetics, their hip-hop-savvy voices, their deepened knowledge of the history and Writings, are truly astounding! Check out this website for more info, and a chance to download "Baha'u'llah Prevails."

    In the hip hop industry as it is today, some hip hop artists make it a point to belittle other artists, and thus try to make themselves out to be better than they really are. Thus the nonsensical 'feuds' between top hip hop artists. I believe that in the new Baha'i hip hop scene, encouragement and support are the watchwords. In my opinion, we must continually look for and praise top talent, even if that top talent isn't us. And we must try to praise the good qualities of songs, and try to overlook the qualities that don't agree with us. Every single released will have endearing qualities if we look hard enough; and of course, some songs will always be better than others and be more popular. In other words, if the intentions are sincere and the effort is put forth, praise is due. As an amateur hip hop artist myself, I'm trying my best to put my money where my mouth is, and live up to this high standard of encouragement.

And now, onto my song... I had many hesitations releasing this song into general circulation. The theme of this song, chastity, is a theme which, although much discussed in youth circles, requires MUCH more energy, deliberation, and action on our part. Some people will groan and say, "Oh no, not another 'chastity' rant..." That is the risk I take. I ask that you approach this song with an open mind.

Another reason I hesitated to release this song was because I myself understand that I do not live up to its lofty theme. Not even close. This makes the song sound very preachy, which I never intended. It makes me sound "holier-than-thou", which is certainly not the case. I want this song to elicit discussion, provoke some thought, and help us examine ourselves more critically.

As with all my songs, this song will never be 'finished'. I released it once I got tired of continuously tweaking it.

I plan to give my songs actual, original song titles sometime in the future.

Thank you for your support!



>> Download Gangsta Nation [Mees Remix] <<



Consider this a proclamation, for the emancipation of love
and a realization, of the value of chastity
in this confused world,
Anticipation, of the day my children
won't be judged by their bodies but by the illumination of their souls
The implication:
a generation of spotless youth under the banner of salvation

This thing right here, please listen up,
Playa don't waste time, just give it up,
My heart is strong, won't let it up,
I Try to love Bahá'u'lláh, that's what's up,
We think that love is makin' up,
We think just once 'bout breakin' up,
Heart says "Go", brain is like, "wassup?!"
Heart's right, the brain should just shut up

I chose the minor key to cut the message across,
No scratching the surface, it'll go deep and hit you hard
This is a serious issue, one that needs our attention,
Stop the contention,
Played out? It hasn't even been given conception.

The Lord describes chastity like boy meets girl,
girl's real fly, but the boy, his heart ain't seduced by her beauty
-boy knows she isn't a toy
how much less a piece of meat for him to enjoy

So important, I'd give away a hundred thousand years,
and an ocean of knowledge, for just a drop of chastity's tears
but our hearts and minds backseat wastin' it
our hormones are drivin', pushin' the speed limit

Don't get confused, I kick it mutatis mutandis,
Chastity should regulate the way we talk and dress,
the music we listen to, the words we use,
our inner condition - and the friends we choose.


Have you wondered why you pull big weights around,
Why you add that touch of mascara or lose that extra pound?
Is it for health or for the Faith to be lovely in people's eyes,
Or that you get more glances,
and chances to break hearts of girls and guys

Riddle me this, did the Báb's handsome Face launch 20,000 ships
into the turbulent sea,
moderation is the key,
remember the context-of-whatever you read

Now is the 'perfect time', for practical advice,
Say the obligatory prayers, caress the Writings day and night,
Gradually eliminate songs - from our collection
Baby steps, to be chaste we show dedication

When you're macking it up, you should think about this,
Fellas, that girl you're mackin' is someone's sister,
future mother, grandmother,
Is she your lust toy, NO!, she could have been your future granddaughter


Chast-i-ty is the phys-i-cal,
Harder to see is the emotional and mental,
Why should we make our inner sanctum recover
from the trespasses of an unworthy other?

By living the life of the flesh
I perpetuate disaster, feed the belly of Hell's monster,
J5 said I'm either part of the problem or the solution
I feel because of me the world sees no restitution!

Sure, I didn't cause AIDS to spread worldwide
But in my own way,
I perpetuate the notion that it's OK
by not adhering to principles of chastity
the spirit of my actions has effect spiritually and globally

Does each gender believe in equality?
Then why should a guy be considered just a sex fiend,
And why should a woman be considered as pornography?
Equality means treating others as we want-to-be.


I think I feel like Kazintzakis,
You know I'm here to cause a ruckus,
Hehehehe..... that's aight tho,
cause it's all, about, freaky-deaky no no, gotta stop that...
gotta stop that,
gotta, pop a cap in that mac
it's got-to-go... 4 sho.... ahhhaha... chastity: let's be about dat... let's hit dat... let's be up on dat...



"La La La":     
"Stand Up":
"Gangsta Nation":



yo mees.. i really gotta say.. this is your most lyrically powerful song you've done yet!!! you killed it man!
-Paymon Afnan

Dj Mees is HoT! I always loved the beat to Gangsta Nation..


Wat wat... that was off the hook.

I hereby give up my prurient and licentious ways. Chastity, here I come!


(subject to approval)

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