September 25, 2017 | 9:32 am
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Misconception about Mobile Phone Repairs

Sometimes people tend to think negative about phone repair shops and mobile phone technicians. Because of these misconceptions, some people tend to leave their phones unfixed and just buy a new device. Instead of saving money by having their defective units repaired they end up purchasing a new phone that cost much money on their part.

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Here are some misconceptions about phone repair shops or technicians.

“It is costly to have the phone repaired rather than buying a new one.” Generally, the cost of repair is cheaper compared to buying a new device.  According to a research, the highest possible cost for repair for an iPhone 6 is only $175 to $ 200. It doesn’t reach even the 50 percent price of a brand new iPhone. Considering its daily use for you, it’s just too small to have your unit fixed rather than buying a new one.

“If any third party repair shop repairs my phone the warranty will be voided.”  If you have an iPhone, Samsung or any smartphones with a broken screen, automatic its one year warranty will be voided. Its service providers will convince you to just buy a new one instead to have it repaired. Having it repaired by a third party shop can help you save money and they also offer a post-warranty repair.

“My cell phone can’t be fixed.” There are ties that your phone may not be fixed due to the scarcity of the parts needed, but it can rarely happen. If parts are available in the market your unit can be fixed. Have your phone checked first and let the technician give you his final advice before making an assumption.

“I can’t trust any technician; they will just replace the parts of my cell phone.” Still, there are trusted and reliable mobile phone repair shops. Not all technicians are dishonest. If you want a reliable, trustworthy and professional mobile repair shop, check for Oz Phone Repairs in Sydney..