June 27, 2017 | 6:51 am
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Choosing Your Models

If you are a photographer who loves people as your subject, you probably are always hunting for your models. Some do not find it hard to find them because there are many people who actually volunteer! If you are a photography enthusiast, you need to be always ready for this. How? You need to make all work together to make masterpieces. It is not about the beauty of the face or the body of your subject. You can make magic out of your fingertips and eyes. You can play with the lights and the background. Always make sure that you tinker with the lenses until you make the pictures perfect.

You should not just be able to be an expert in capturing your models’ poses but also being a good director. You need to practice being an encouragement for the models so they can have fun and strike genuine poses that will really make supernatural effect to the expectators.

Nothings comes overnight and so I believe you can have all these skills over time. Just keep on improving and live your passion. Above all, you need to pray about it so that God can also use your skills until you get old enough when you cannot click those cameras anymore. Always give back the glory to God in anything you do! Happy Easter! ^_^