September 25, 2017 | 9:34 am
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Called to Deliver Gifts to People?

It is not a usual thing to see business as a calling. However, if you think that God has given you the ability and capability to travel or drive and send important things to people, serving them and offering your trustworthiness to them, then this business that I am going to tell you must be a calling in your case. I am talking about the Delivery Business.

The Same Day Express courier company is actually opening a partnership for those who are called to be engaged in helping people to deliver their stuffs to people. This is not an easy business at all but for some, who are called to serve, it may be a lot of fun. In the delivery business, people get to trust you with some important things and if you are trustworthy enough, you need to serve them by giving them peace of mind. If you think this calling is for you, try having a partnership with Same Day Express today.

SDE gives way for courier business. Your own vehicle can be used as a courier van or truck. There are simple steps to follow in case you are so interested to know how to get into this. First is making sure that you are professional and reliable as this business seeks integrity from courier drivers, deliverers, and staffs. Trust is gold in this business. Once people give their trust to you and the expectation that their goods will arrive at the right time to the right recipient safe, this is gold. The next requirement is that all business partners should be at least 21 years old. The third is that you need to have your own phone, of course to be able to receive the booking details wherever you are. The other requirement of SDE is that you should be available to work at least one whole day a week. That day should be allotted for access any time. Calls can be unpredictable so you need to be really available and standing by. The last requirement is to have clean slate on a background check that will be completed by the Australian Federal Police.

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