September 25, 2017 | 9:31 am
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Advantages of Adopting LED Downlights

Are you thinking of the ways on how you can save on your power cost,  maintenance and cost of lighting? If you do,  adopting the use of LED lights is the best choice that you can make! Choosing LED  is equivalent to choosing elegance and sophistication. There are some of the important advantages to know before installing LED lights in your home. With the use of LED, your home, business, office or any establishment can be more engaging and comfortable. It can give a cool and refreshing ambiance depending on your choice.

Typically, it has only two available color temperatures, the warm white and the neutral white. Warm white LED is almost similar to the yellowish glow of the incandescent bulbs. On the other hand, the neutral white can be similar to the compact fluorescent bulbs.

LED is known to be energy efficient. Studies show that it uses 85% less energy than incandescent lights and 50 less energy than the compact fluorescent lights. With same light output, you can save a lot more money compared to using other lighting options.

Generally, LED lighting is environmentally friendly because it has no lead or mercury content. It can be safe to dispose unlike those lighting with lead or mercury contents lights.

LED lights are designed with a longer lifespan. As a fact, it can last for about 50,000 hours or about 23 years. Therefore, it saves maintenance duties. One general characteristic of LED lights is that it does not burn out. When its lifespan is nearing its limit, they can only emit only 70% of its original light.